EDI Viewer Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why did EDI Academy create an EDI Viewer?

A: Initially it was created for our EDI Training seminar attendees to be able to easily convert X12 to a Human readable format. We decided to add more features and make it public for any user. To learn more about the EDI Academy please visit our web page: www.ediacademy.com

Q: Is it really free, what's the catch?

A: It's free, all you have to is register. There is no catch.

Q: Why am I getting an error or why won't my file translate?

A: Your file is either not formatted correctly (ISA-IEA) or your file is not one of the X12 support versions.

Q: Do you keep our data on your server?

A: Yes EDI Academy keeps your data on our server so that you can later access them via My Files tabs. If you don't feel comfortable uploading sensitive data then please don't.

Q: Which versions do you support?

A: We support ANSI X12 Versions 2040, 4010, 4020, 4030, 5010, 5030 and 6010. HIPAA X12 Transactions 4010 and 5010. We are constantly adding more versions. Please emails feedback for a version you may need. We also plan to add EDIFACT support in the near future.